silentbob i want to take a poll:

How many people pronounce blathe like this:

Blaythe. Like BLAZE with a lisp. blaythe.

i personally pronounce it like Blathe, like Blath, like blather without the R. Just blath. blathe. kind of like bath, with a different TH sound.

do you know what i'm talking about? opinions opinions opinions!!!

is there a right or wrong way?
little wonder i am a blaythe person myself. 020310
guitar_freak BLATH
daxle I say blathe like lathe 020310
birdmad same here 020310
luck is green wasn't there that scene in the princess bride? i think they used a long 'a'. (or is my memory fucked up again?) 020311
no reason it always seemed to me that the word should be blather, not in, one blathers blather, or posts in response to a blather. 020311
Hallkwik blathe as in 'blaythe' sounds likd of.. ugly to me. it's really.. bland.
(m'having trouble expressing myself tonight)
but if i try to think of a nice way to say it, there just isn't one. blater is much nicer.
belly fire I'm with you
hang on to the r
bandersnatch i am definatly more of a "bath" type person. 030114
jane blaythe 090217
what's it to you?
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