the mad mad bird with the bight red eyes I live in Arizona.

One of the few people my age who was actually born here, ours is a largely transient population

This used to be the place everyone came to in order to get away from their allergies.

but they brought their plants with them and now this is one of the worst places to be for allergies and respiratory problems

and my eyes haven't been this consistently red since i was nineteen, but not for the same reasons
farmfish birdmad, i can help you with your allergy, and it's an amazingly natural product, the dude actually is using it overseas to treat foot and mouth disease. i use it for everything. soap, shaving cream, rashes, colds, skin problems, and yes, eyes. 010326
Lime Rider Fertiliser? Fertiliser fixes everything. The skink will make you go away before the allergy kicks in 020404
nom is it possible to be allergic to cherry blossoms? cause i just read that reactions are from wind pollinated plants not insect pollinated ones and i would assume that that cherry blossoms then aren't allericable being that bees and i guess other little winged things pollinate them and now i am wishing i hadn't put the blossoms on the balcony cause i was really enjoying looking at them and they look sad outside all withered they looked wonderful on top my fridge 070416
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