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jolie what can one possible write about the word "with"? its possible only to write a sentence beginning witht the word "with" and leave it out. No thought could possible be put into such a small insignificant word. But lo! I have already but quite a bit of thought into this word, and used in in a different way than the two that came before... "With" is an extrordinary word! Its so neccisary.... to delete it from a sentence could change the entire meaning....like for instance:

I saw it with nancy.

This sentence suggests that I saw something with nancy. Because of the gramatical structure of the word, it also suggests that I can telling somebody about what nany and I saw.

Now....lets examine the sentence with the word "with" deleated, shall we?

I saw it nancy.

Though not entirely correctly punctuated it suggests a totally different meaning. This sentnece is a declaration to nancy that I saw it, whatever it may be. I am speaking to nancy in this sentence, where as the previous sentece I was speaking of nancy.

See? Ever word is important, and with a bit of thought to each one, one could elaborate in many directions to further expand the new baby blather red.

Nourish it....
Help it grow...
jolie sorry about all the typos....you all do them too *wink* 030324
silentbob Todays episode of seaseme street was brought to you by the letters K, M L, P, the word "With" and the number 12 030325
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