silentbob I'm not trying to hear that. 050120
n o m not to be sad, get on with my day, just feel a little crushed, and not in a good way 110319
unhinged not to communicate with you

you've finally gotten the point
and the bigger part of me is relieved
to be alone

but don't get me wrong
i miss you
i love you

i always will
lostgirl because i promised you this one thing. 110322
unhinged last night
i was sitting at home alone
talking to myself
like you were here

(the conversation we should have had
should have)
and then you
texted me

about how you were sorry

and i couldn't sleep
i tried not to respond
and when i finally crawled out of bed
after a few fitful hours
i responded

because i'm sorry too
about how much i miss you
that i never really got to say goodbye
what's it to you?
who go