user24 how do we know what is small? everything is relative. there is no absolute smallness. to a whale, we are small, to an ant, we are large. are there any limits? can something be infinitely large, can it be inifinitely small? is there a difference? 040901
mangrove have you ever read that story by isaac asimov? the one with the scientist who discovers a way to shrink people down to the atomic level, but they never stop shrinking and they keep going down and down and inside an atom on the table of the scientist's office they find a whole new world. as they continue shrinking they find that there are atoms in this new world which they shrink down into and they keep going. at one point they pass through earth, and keep going. maybe forever. 040901
Bespeckled I think the word "small" is small. Compared to "metamorphosis," it is definitely small. Compared to "I," it's semi-large.

But I still think it's small.

u24 asimov does some good shit. 040930
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