blue star Everyone's crazy. 010204
teran666 crazy people are good....
it's the dumb ones that are problematic....
birdmad pleasures 010205
silentbob What's simple is true 010207
misstree comforting among the insanity.

dean-bean Its so simple. See. There is no balance, there is no justice, there is no law. There is only you and me and what we want. If what we want are at cross purposes then we agree to behave in a certain way that keeps us from diving, claws out, for the golden apple. It's a social contract. We obey it as long as it is in our interest. That's why so many people think the world isn't fair. The world just is. Your just sad because the contract you had meant more to you than it did to someone else. 010329
belly fire complicated directions
rammed traffic
endless shopping centres littered with people people people
red signal lights every 40 feet
missed exits
go nowhere country roads
a concept so simple as a day at the beach - toronto style
get me out of this place now
stoic who needs words?
words there are too many
be simple. simply be.

no reason "that's an oversimplified version of everything i just said."

well, if a point can be made so simply, why the need to say everything you just said?
what's it to you?
who go