Q It did open luckily. The daily position was as usual fascinating. It sure would be nice to practice some of them, or at least try. 021030
spooky speckled "Open your eyes!"

"Ah! What???"

"You were dead."


"Don't worry. You were dead. Now wake up."

Is it real? Am I dead?

"Wake up. And see."
shilohlives no...I don't think I'll open..It's safer closed... 040430
shilohlives you make me open. Even if I don't want to be..I feel naked exposed...but I don't mind for some reason...this is new..and strange..can I live open? or will I clamp dpwn my shields and lock the doors? 040503
my sharona I won't open my mouth anymore
I won't say anything to them anymore
unhinged a sticky web
i am open
i get attacked
so then i am closed
and unavailable to the gentle people
in my life
what's it to you?
who go