birdmad or less 010406
unhinged expectations=less
dropshadow the most erotic word...ever:
She asked me to pierce her nipple
so I set up the tools:
the forceps
the antibiotics
the cork
the needle
and the ring...
I clamped the willing part
of the woman,
and aimed the needle
and forced it through
the living flesh
inserted the pretty ring
in her pretty nipple.
She **gasped**
and then it was all done.
She got up and
looked in the mirror and
admired our
conspiracy to mark her...and then she
came back to me and
looked me in the eye, and
surrealchereal my right side is not submissive.
but my left is.
my right side will fight you
but my left won't
my right side is the man
but my left woman.
my right side leads with a right
but my left deflects with her face.
my right side adores violence
my left deplores it.
You pierced my right, you insisted.
My left just sat there.
My right got in your face!
Angry at the mark.
Insisted the weak one hurt too.
my left side can be ruled,
NEVER! is the call from the right.
lulie of you, please. 020319
obnubilate never never enough
feed me
feed me
feed me
until I explode
what's it to you?
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