a boy in a mans body
Sonya always there. He listens to me and hasn't once criticized me for being who or what I am. I've known him for just about 2 years now. The insanity of that length of time doesn't really phase me.

He's still one of my best friends, even though we've done wrong by each other once or twice. He's shown me unconditional love, and he's absolutely impossible at times...due to being a smart ass, but in the end he genuinely cares. I know he won't use me and I know I'll never want to stop talking to him. He's a friend, and then some.
black unconditional is always thrown around, but the simple fact it doesn't matter if it's been two years or two hundred, if you couldn't tolerate him or her raping or doing something equally disgusting to you, then it's not unconditional, because there are conditions to it 020626
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