moonshine Why must everyone think they have to obtain everything beautiful? Can one not admire from a far? Can you not stop and smell the roses & not pick them? Such a grasping quality, such a greedy lust to touch and obtain. 010215
argo It's instinct. Sometimes I grab the antiques from the living room and shuffle off to my room, firmly closing the door behind me. 010215
misstree in lust again young boy,
you have me wrapped around your
skinny little, skilled little finger.

darling prince,
i blush to think
of the wonderful, horrible
things i would do to you
if i had you here,
laid out before me
like a buffet.

tempting sweetmeat,
run while you can,
before i lay hands on you
and take you
and make you mine.
psychobabe one of the worst deadly sins 011121
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