Q Yes, it is really amazing what the body can do and can stand.

But be careful about that part of it we call the heart.

Be careful, please.
hopeless dont let me down hold me up into your light where i have been happy for so long.
please dont push me over the edge with the hateful words you sometimes say coming from your mouth like word vomit.
take it back and be mine again hold me like you have done in the past like i am a life raft and if you let go you will surely drowned
be ever so careful of what you say and do to me for this will be our last day together
tomorrow when you wake up and turn over to hold me in the early morring light i will be gone.
newme i should tatoo this to every part of me 040725
newme tattoo tattoo tattoo 040725
no reason don't get ahead of myself 081113
gja careless 081114
what's it to you?
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