birdmad contempt 010928
misstree looking up, sweat dripping down, you think you have the power... i'll let you believe it. 011010
megan how can people be so different beneath it all?
all those silly clay masks they erect and hide behind
and all the drunken encounters to mask one's intelligence

why do they hide their differences and glorify their sameness

since when did individuality die out along with the true of heart and the shy, the humble

since when did innocent eyes become bedroom eyes and purses a way to tie the female to her role
and beneath it all, here we stand, bruised, battered, and ready for the fire. who will come out unscathed?
is it the untarnished or the weak? the proud or the great?

and since when did getting involved mean success?

success can kiss my ass sometimes
what's it to you?
who go