misstree would be a welcome change,
a change,
i pray for change
as a drought-ridden arbor,
desperate for fruit,
prays for rain.
but what do i get?
not anything.
silentbob Say 010712
dramarama bird anything 010712
sharkieandgeorge you could do anything to me. really, i can take it. you can hurt me, you can yell at me, you can walk away. i have no feelings. my soul is a void. i don't feel the pain. i don't feel happiness either, but at least there's no opportunity for me to feel pain. or pity or lightheartedness or regret or anything, really... just go ahead and do your worse. just try.. 020704
birdmad when i was young
i learned a game
nom i don't know what i can do about anythng

maybe i can't do anything about anything
bauxxx and everything.. 071210
what's it to you?
who go