kingsuperspecial and crab_cakes
and eye_cheese
and safety_glasses
and melon_seed
and soda_rock_popper
and small_thinking
and lonely_highway
and bytecode
and lost_children
and global_ashtray
and boap_sorboda
and flesh_eater
and glass_bubble
and panhandler
and flying_munkees
and undid_loving
and hemophelia
and grind_stones
and straight_jackets
and sushi_jones
and plaid_jammies
and distanced_friend
and broken_record
and medication
and swimming_nekkid
and registration
and grass_stain
and french_toast
and change_one_letter
and tiny_boobs
and surfing
and hair_care_product
and marching_orders
and thumb_prints
and head_lice
and ask_god
and grape_jelly
and subwoofer
and autrocracy
and fuzzy_kitty
and bible_thumper
and pudding_pop
and rude_waiter
and tractor_pull
and promotions
and anybody_fancy_a_nice_cup_of_tea
and flag_wavers
and shopping_spree
and hole_shot
and meat_loaf_sandwich
and dirt_clod

and new_sneakers
and lottery_tickets
and good_sex
and emotional_out_burst
and pull_my_finger
and recession
and who_put_the
and lawnmower
and birth_is_transition
and life_is_energy
and time_is_measured
and space_is_felt
and nothing_matters_now

:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Peace, hope, and love...

only 2 of these 3 will be everlasting.

see: faith_hope_and_love
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