kerry blew everyone off, i know i said i'd call, Sorry I completely forgot, Sorry, I was SO busy.
i was busy watching ghost_world laughing at the Fargo guy, painting stupid nonsense i'll probably burn anyway, writing for no reason except nothing else to do, hassling the clerk at the record store, the one who needs a bra, the one who just got bangs and you can tell she's not sure if she likes them yet. neither am i. yeah, so i was extremely busy, being lazy and avoiding everybody.
Mandy Missing classes means heinous make-up work and little time for blather. 030904
silentbob i'm doing this instead of work. 030905
TEssa I'm horribly scared that I'm actually horribly lazy.

Just imagine the wonderful person I could have become if I wasn't so damn lazy.
monee feeling 041206
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