birdmad never trust this word 010211
johnny west "sometimes" or "occasionally" is more like it. 010311
unhinged trust always gets you fucked over 010401
dB Trust is always misplaced. Hate first, or at least be non-commital or dismissive.
When people earn your trust, then maybe you trust 'em. But not too much, you'll always be let down.
spinnit always will WE find you, even in your variegated ways... 010416
anonymouse always the one fucked over
always the one left behind
always the one not loved
blue star Always the one who can never figure out a way to make herself happy.

Is there a name for somebody who loses interest in a potential date/boyfriend the moment she knows that he is also interested in her? I'd really like to know, because it's really pissing me off!
endless desire trust "always" as much as you trust "forever" 031129
damnit forever_and_always 031129
nom i always make the mistake of thinking 060815
nom i'll always be wherever i am 070329
u24 "never trust this word"
can be translated into a paradoxical
"always distrust this word"
raine maida "you know we're always in repair" 070401
no reason attracted to something difficult 080310
pobodys nerfect *giggles* I just can't help but tie the two things together--
"Have a happy period!" =D
Jarec Was a lot longer than we thought.

We left some bits of us together in always.

The rest of us broke up and became me and you.

I still rendezvous with you, but it's never one, always two.
what's it to you?
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