birdmad beading on skin in the rising heat,
the gathering storm clouds cut down the sun's intensity, but the air has taken on a tropical quality and the little wall-mounted air conditioner does little

a little nag champa burning in the holder, faint smells of the kitchen lingering even now, hours after i cooked

(perils of a studio apartment with questionable ventilation, i suppose)

--my sense of time is screwy, i am thinking about the afternoon and the moment as it exists now in the hour or so before dawn--

i can't sleep for some reason, and it is still hot
hsg reminds me of my day! couldn't do much but sleep. had a glass of red_wine. sweated for many hrs. supposedly it's that prolonged sweating that provides clenseing (sp?), even if not so much sweat at once. i could use some clenzing. 070731
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