silentbob he said if the universe were infinite we wouldn't see the stars.
then he corrected himself and said, "No, we'd see all the stars."

i said, "No. If the universe were infinite the amount of stars we see wouldn't change, because most stars would be just as far away as they already are, and we already can't see them. because the light they omit is too far away and would never get here."

"...and we found it endearing

how they could have burned out years ago

and wed never see it in our existance"
magpie i'm always thinking
it's something i said or didn't say
i spose this is another problem of mine
nom he said i'm too shy 060103
belly fire My mother said it just like that, "My girls..."
It took a moment for me to realize she was telling a story about us, then, and I felt something heavy drop away.
She didn't say, "My daughters..." or "Samantha and Kristi..."
She said, "My girls..." and it was as though she said I love you.
what's it to you?
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