splinken "you and me and the devil makes three" 010204
birdmad i am my own greatest invention

the byproduct of clever fiction that needed to be proved to be believed

i am a house of cards

one day all of my lies will tumble down upon me and worlds will collide

and that's a fact jack.
pilgrim Wandering through a Target toy section
I picked up a Sesame Street talking Alphabet book and discovered that if you pressed the K button and then immediatly slid your finger down one more to the L button it would say KiLL.
I did this over and over to my amusement, wondering if many toddlers ever discover this to the surprize of their nervous parents.
lulie I was in Target,
saw someone playing with the kiddie toys.
Was that you?
Though you are frightening,
I was tempted to do that "K" and "L"
BankHoldUp ftp://www.viewaskew.com/pub/sounds/chasingamy/speech.wav 020224
belly fire yes, I have my mother's cheekbones, her chin,
my lips pull in the same ways
but looking I could see the lines of my face, my nose (for sure),
my eyes were those of my father
those puffy spots under my eyes when I smile or crinkle my nose came from dad!
kindly facts of randomness F=MA


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