no out 010125
pilgrim The mind is a window
A window in a room
A room with no doors
Light comes in
Sparkling on the dust
That floats in the air
That fills this room
This room with no doors
The dust slowly settles
Settles on the floor
The floor of this room
This room with no doors
When I leave this room
I'll sail out the window
surrealchereal just when i close the door on reality it finds it's way in the window 010529
lisaj87 Where there is a will there is a way and where there is no way, if there is enough will, you can make a way 010712
luck is green The Way out is THE WAY. (skidoo) 010712
lost boy But i want to stay 020410
silentbob mama said that's the way it's gotta stay 020410
i wish it wasnt so long way down...... 020730
nom of energy 061214
what's it to you?
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