xxxz sexy 050314
andru235 great name 050314
DaMon. IS the bloidy most common name in this country. And it's turned to Zoli since they shorten all their names.
And if you call it out at any square, at least 30 people will turn.

But then, all their names are like that. Strange, so strange, that they choose from only about a 100 names.

Why wouldn't you want to name your kid something special? That's what I don't understand about this country.
andru235 either the air is thick with irony, or you live in a non-english speaking country? i've never seen, met, or heard of a Zoltan, but i have always thought it a cool name; where are you?!? 050314
DaMon. Hungary I am in. I wish they would get over their ex-communism and get a little original. 050314
falling_alone this reminds me of the power rangers 050315
andru235 there are some hot hungarians;
if any of them are named zoltan,
i'm gonna by me a ticket to Pecs!
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