unhinged i imagine them tirelessly everywhere i wish hands to be

on me
unhinged still miss them
still need them
still want them
unhinged i writhed at the mere thought 070614
Ouroboros your_hands touch the back of my neck
where the shoulders hold tension.
all you do is place a light hand
there, sweeping gently across my skin,
and i sigh, letting go of the mindloops
and into the soft sensations you create.

create more! let my body be your instrument, 'play me like a drum' i beg. the music of our touch, the heaviness of your hands pounding a rhythm up my spine and down- your face held lightly in concentration. all light and joy.
pete dancing slightly against mine, but no more.. we can both see your mom sipping her wine a metre or so away, but don't stop. damn. 070614
National Hero Sometimes the hairs on our hands got close to each other, and they did what we refused to externalize: the reached and danced and waved to one another. If neither of us had bodies, our spirits would still be friends. Sometimes we lie nearby, but there is grass, and there are books, and there is Western sun with us too. I've never felt truly alone with you. But neither of us is ever alone.
I wish I could dream that we took a trip to Boston sometimes.

We only hold hands when we pray.
ONE LOVE happy new year, i love you.

some things are taken in the wrong way, people still fight despite whatever they believe in, i simply believe what is right in front of me, when the sun shines on my face, when a bird swoops, when i feel the effects of a smile, all of this is here and now so why were you praying for something else?

take it or leave it, 1 glass of wine is nice for the taste and it can also be good for you once in a while. some restrictions can be taken too far, too literal, if you know what love is no peice of paper is going to make a difference. a big problem is that men do not know what to do with the sex drive they were given so women have to suffer.....
national hero You grabbed my hand out of habit as you broke up with me.
But we were happy once.
I love you, and it's powerful.
I sometimes hold my hands together when it's dark, and I wish so much that one of them was yours.
Your hands feel like they have too little skin to cover the bones, and it's stretched out tight, even though they are such small hands to begin with. They can play the piano, make incredible paintings, and they used to make me so happy. Our hands fit together in machinery: I have wheels and you have cogs.
I'd die tomorrow if it meant I could hold your hand again tonight.
Where did all your love go?
unhinged time has worn away all the lust
and the only remembered sensations

i still find myself wishing for you
thinking of you
as pathetic as that may seem
phil palms 071111
Isaou Swallow mine 071112
Doar grasp mine, tightly, afraid to let go.

sweating slightly,
I imagine the illusion of you breaking the juniper hour,
and still holding my hand.

unhinged photographic_memory 090321
In_Bloom I thought they would be forever 090321
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