Mahayana your face does bend even the most anorexic mirror into a [sensuous] playground of muscular [spasms]

~[sensuous] [spasms]~
josie is like no other in any way.
i'm taken straight to your eyes each time i sneak a peek.. and even they bear such a perfectly indescribable reflection of your soul.
cheer-up-emo-kid pamela 020817
corvidae beautiful and enigmatic, i tried to read ...but your_face speaks a language i don't yet know

it seems like a familiar dialect but the meanings are so different

try though i may, i cannot seem to solve_you
D y a n n e ...makes me puke 020818
gelfling gelfling smells the blood,
gelfling knows you bleed
but your face stays stony and cold.
No, gelfing not welcome in this corner of your life
gelfling not welcome in this corner of your pain.
Useless and untrusworthy feelings run through gelflings veins as all the blood gushes out this new wound you have inflicted.
Halt, come no closer.
You will not let gelfling in,
your heart is barricaded by ice.

Happy and smiling and more beautiful to watch than any sunset is your face,
but all get to share this.
Will gelfling never be special enough to enter your caverns of darkness?

My wings have healed stonger than you think.
pat sajak i've grown accustomed to your face 020818
Blake with matt finish eyes what kind of oblique threat is that? 020818
pat sajak the oblique kind 020818
silentbob i don't know why it kills me so 020818
My memories
are an illusion
your face
has changed.
It does not
remind me of you.
I lost knowing what you think,
now I know my fear

I see you clearly.
Leech Motif your face is hidden from view but your mask is skillfully chosen

your words are sharp but true
and your gestures are frozen
niska ...the colors change from green to yellow,
to the point where you can't even say hello.

you said you'd kill me if i ever snob you out,
like that's what you expect from me, like that's what i'm about.

i remember the day when i was
so eager
to satisfy you.
what's it to you?
who go