just me you know, the melodramatic
for such and such a reason
or "i'm not telling why"
or "my boyfriend doesn't like it"
or "i have no time"
or "everybody hates me"
or "my parents are kicking me off"
and people say "i'm sad you're leaving, wah"
or "shut up, you'll be back"

so I'm not really leaving, as such... I'll still be around
but my name's going to die, slowly... I don't feel 'safe' saying anything under it anymore
maybe I'll say banal random meaningless things, but you'll be spared the angst, and the tears, and the i_hate_myself blathes

so farewell, and hello
this is me now
(unless you can guess who this is)
(then I'll have to cover my tracks better)
(because I_need_blather)
just me i think there's entirely too much irony here 050804
Doar oh don't worry...irony practically leaks from blather...ending up frying your keyboard....and generally making a bloody mess of things all around. 050805
meta meta 100126
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