unhinged sorry i didn't call yesterday. something came up and i ended up not going back to my room.

maybe i will try tonight after masterclass.
Mahayana [hey its all beautiful]
+whenever you can
+whatever time you can

[& i hope whatever came up was a good thing] [perhaps involving cellos & their masters]
unhinged unfortunately it had nothing to do with cellos ;) but rather a really close friend of mine from youngstown that moved here last summer that was finally back in town and we spent many hours exploring uwm and talking about me coming here next year and money and new violins and old times in y_town. have you ever been to the comet on farwell? we were there for awhile too. and i must say there are some interesting people in the neighborhood around brady street. we were walking from the comet to his apartment and there was this bummy looking guy sitting on a stoop and as we walked by he held out his hand and there was a big bud of pot in it and said 'i've been looking all over for that i thought i lost it (mumble mumble mumble) that's why i should join the catholic church.' if he wouldn't have been so happy it would have been sad, but i couldn't help laughing as we walked away. 020702
Mahayana no cellos huh ... hmmmmm ... well perhaps there shall be cellos & cello owners in your milwaukee forcast

unhinged omygoodness i fucking love your 'bummy looking guy sitting on a stoop' story what a perfect avant garde/experimental short black and white film that would formulate ... everything within me is just agonizing to swipe one of my super 8's & hunt the 'bummy looking guy sitting on a stoop' down ... although maybe today he would be the 'bummy looking guy sitting on a bench' although i like the chime of stoop better

Ahhh yes Comet Cafe the illustrious bastard son of Riverwest's Fuel Cafe, which very well may be the most nonsensically teeming coffeehouse in the city- deff hands down on the Eastside: seats often can be in short supply and lines stretched every weekend and most weekday afternoons

strategic location
aura of buoyancy
art on the walls
employee played music
the coffee is good
and the food excellent- far far better than its formative days of just atmosphere, coffee, and pop tarts

lets not forget you can do ya stinkin' laundry next door & catch an eyeful at comet :)

yes indeedly dee, i have been to the comet on farwell, including the time i was with you- i have been than more than several times. brady street is the primo street to have yer peepers [peep] ya out some action ... the things you listen to, witness, & smell will flabbergast you in ways you never thought could be excitable within ya. one of my fav spots in town to people watch. life never truly is the same after brady street- it sort of is its own town within a town- if only more of the world was as colorful as this... but than again perhaps i would not be so doting on brady street if more of the world was as Brady street is

[ps i still think you were better suited to perform the shostakovich piece, you were exuding with shostakovichness- you really were]
unhinged i think i am going to move as close to brady street as my budget will allow. good times. good times. 030526
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