Mahayana too many things have been happening to me lately and it all seems unbelievable to be occurring all at once

therefore : i shall write my first country song :

nevermind that i cant sing well, nor play the guitar all that well either, and that i havent composed a piece of music in years ... never you mind ... cuz im going country anyhow
poetic_onslaught i just went country too. well from cities anyway. ive been here in GeorgeTown (by Austin) for about a week and barely got my computer connected. some say its not that country but its a hell of alot more country than dallas. we got signs over here with deer on them to warn us of passing deer. every half mile there's a farm with cows and corn fields and fields with this rolled up stuff that looks like some kinda wood or something but i hear its cow feed or horse feed. its gonna take a whole lot of getting used to. people dont even lock there doors around here. it must be boring as hell around here. ill check it out as soon as i get my drivers license next week. i hear this a lot more to do in austin 020531
rubydee moving southward
after dreary years
in isolation
cold winds of the north
frigid conversation
while frostbite lingers
on the toes
and tongue
Jeca dang, poetic, my country doesn't even HAVE corn... 021119
Hank WIlliams Sr. you_win_again 021119
Jeca ha ha my_country_is_better_than_your_country 021119
Jeca that's funny 021119
eddie monster like the world needs anymore cowpeople
i advise anyone with these unforgivable desires to stay the hell away from texas
no rush Image_is_nothing 021123
ruby got me a hound dog, name's fripp
go coon_huntin' on sundays after church
got big balls on that one
what's it to you?
who go