User24 there's no tomorrow! 030829
misstree dammit, user24, quit making me want to lick you. 030829
birdmad jasmine_and_rose 030829
u24 opium_and_poison 040123
birdmad peering into the wayback machine it's just the way it should be
it's so right as rain
u24 is out lyric'ed by that one, I'm afriad.

see also fading_dream
birdmad i don't remember the name of the song, i just remember being struck back in those days (89-90) by such a brightly happy turn of phrase in such an otherwise haunting tune.

the irony of it always made me smile when it came on the radio
jenny enny dots xymox is a beautiful word that i have not heard for so long. but i recall something called clan_of_xymox. 040203
u24 indeed. 040206
. clan_of_xymox 070906
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