the void we are going... over the break... the real jolie, her best friend who is in love with her, the boys, the director (the other real jolie) and a copy of "waiting for guffman" 000416
MollyGoLightly I went to jackson hole one time. One evening I saw george lucas AND a moose all within five minutes. No lie. 000416
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I am glad to have never been there. I've heard it's worse than North Dakota, which I never would have thought was possible, but their biggest city is even smaller than ours, so it must be true. 011101
Aimee We drove there 3 weeks ago... through south dakota... 12 hours.. my god... just thinking of it makes me want to die.... *cries* 011102
super monkey robot team hyperforce go! I'm afriad of people from place that aren't on coasts. they freak me out. they bottle up emotions to much. 050627
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