Lisa it's when you want to vanish, or just lack the words you need to say..

it's when you become real calm, and your breathing shuts down.. and you can't see me anymore.. and I neither can..

it's when you start to try to catch your own shadow, or when you know that you seem to stand right next to yourself.

for no one to see.

"vanished from the crest of the earth, back in some days"
newme forces 040721
nemo no needle
no spoon
no tie
no water
no filter
no lighter
no vein
no heroin
no methadone
no more

its been two years since i was ever so pleastently tainted. let the pain begin. i feel like my falling apart, my brain seeping through the small cracks and creases (no doubtibly formed through many more than two years of excessive abuse), my skin the colour of egg yolks: face bloated and aged from retaining water for a few years. little ant trails of plum scar my arms, reminding me of what ive done. no matter, because im only 18, and ive got a life to live
oblivion you cut 041030
somebody I keep meaning to withdraw from the futility of trying to communicate. I find these palsied attempts more frustrating than the occasional satisfaction granted by a fleeting loquacity. 060610
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