~gez~ peoples minds are mine to manipulate. enviroments are there for me to twist. my resting place lies next to yours 020826
silentbob oh no, there she goes, gone away and missed the show
all this wasted time
wishful thinking

a good song to accompany a good movie called great_expectations
some random song i'll get over you
i know i will
i'll pretend my ship's not sinking
some random song some random song that's called "wishful thinking" 020826
*nat* ... never harmed n e 1.
I think I do it every day, especialy in english, coz i just dont get it
Matt it's what we all do 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no matter how good we have it there's always more to wish for 021012
devalis the random song called "wishful_thinking"

listen to the waves
everything communicates
will it ever be
anything more
than wishful_thinking

oh no, there you go
looked away and missed the show
how much wasted time
will you survive?

feel the blades of grass
how it brings you back
it will always be
only as green
as you can see

oh no, there ya go
looked away and missed the show
how much wasted time
will you survive?
oh yeh, fooled again
I don't know how and
I don't know when
not much else to blame
but wishful_thinking

little breakdowns
in coastal towns
they come suddenly
crashing over you
they come easily
I'm falling through the skies
and frozen places

and I try to realize
that I needn't look
any further
the whole of the universe
plain to see
and I try not to rely
on another world
or the future
the whole of the universe
is a mystery

(Sheik, Duncan)
lyrical reference system the one some random song referred to is called "the king of wishful thinking" 021012
lyrical reference system by Go West 021016
dudeinanigloo World peace 040705
kx21 Definition: wishful thinking

The Heart of Dream around_and_across The Soul of Imagination...
. iLink:- What's_reality 040916
Syrope the last test didnt seem hard at all
i feel really prepared for this one

when's the ass-raping going to start? engineering has taught me to love not knowing what i'm doing, and i'm bitter that it all seems so simple now. how dare you belittle my indignation, my struggle!? it was mine. my museum of pain and justifiable stress.

and this time it's not the hormones
916 What's_reality:-



moomoo wishful thinking's like fuel for our lives, no?

its why we go to work everyday, so we can think that someday we'll have everything we need or want.

its why we go to school when we are young, thinking that someday we can have our own way with our own things.

its why we go to sleep everynight in thinking that maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

of course, most of the time none of that really happens. its all just wishfull thinking to keep us alive and functioning. its all relative, yes?
unhinged that my life could turn around
and stay turned around in a good direction

(funny the suffering i've endured in my chosen profession cause i'm not good at kissing ass)
what's it to you?
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