ClairE No_offense. 011212
cube love the one you're with... 011212
ever dumbening so, so you think you can tool,
heaven from hail,
blue skies from pang.
can tell a green fold,
from a cold steel rule?
a smile from a vole?
do you think you can teal?
niki well hello...i'm not so get over it and love me already! 011212
donaldson not so close, you've been drinking again 020314
KindreDSpirit He expected to find her waiting at the airport gate with a warm embrace to welcome him home. But she was not there.

In his hotel room, hundreds of miles away, the maid threw away a piece of notepaper that had been left lying on the desk. It drifted into the wastebasket, blank except for a series of small pen marks running down the page in a column, ending in one single letter and punctuation mark: "e." It almost looked, the maid thought to herself, as if someone had inadvertently run off the edge of a postcard at the end of each line, and she wondered absently what the sentence might have been that was now missing its final "e"...
kerry no, i don't 020316
Toxic_Kisses I wish I were "her" too
I get so tired of being hurt bc I'm not "her"
bc I'm not enough
I'm not funny enough like "she" is
I'm not intellectual enough
I'm not tall enough
I'm not pretty enough
I'm not passive enough
I'm not aggressive enough
Never am I enough
And so you replace me with "her"
Their "she" always seems to be just waiting to replace me


Will I ever be enough?
Will there be a time in witch Iím not replaced?
little wonder something i never want to hear 020318
Mahayana *holds up the fallen "e"*

so that no one shall know rejection
but rather shall know the wantingness
of needing to be in your presence

[you make me feel like feeling again]
person *obnoxiously sings*
"how i wish, how i wish you were here. we're just 2 lost souls swimmin' in a fishbowl year after year..."
-pink floyd
.><> simple words
so powerful
everythin reminds
a smell,
the feel of a closest full of clothes
beneath parced and eager fingres
her pillow plsce just so - and i long for just one breath
that i cannot ber to part with
she is in every little thing

so i you she a lil grrl mumblig to her self not quite sre wher eshe is hesded you've seen me, i am so lost without you dear one, mysoulit feels so cold withouyou

and i made snow angels in the sand all nigth long staring, staring at those stars who have you know - who selfihly stole you from me

with big word powerful words
words with no breathe
who who will breathe fro you know my love
Deomis They always wanted us to be something that we were not.
They could never accept us for who we were.

thank you

thank you

thank you
what's it to you?
who go