sleepless This is a (semi) true story.

In 1983, when I was twelve years old, I spent at least an hour a day for two months playing a wine glass - running my index finger around the rim to produce an unearthly hollow sound. It was for a school play, you see.

Nowadays, I like wine to drink. And I like wine glasses too. The only problem is trying to refrain from a desire to start playing the wine glass when out in polite company . . .
lo who the hell puts wine glasses in the dishwasher? a housewarming present ruined...ah i forgive was your first time with one of those contraptions....they were really nice though 030606
you wine taste-good
glass shiny-good

shine romantic. yesterday i bought my first set. they're clear on the top and have black stems. tonight i will use them, yay! 040226
Lemon_Soda I saw a god drunken in a sea of wine held in a glass by a titan. 040226
Eowithien There is one wine glass left from my favourite set. They're rather short glasses, short stems I mean. It has vines and grapes carved into the glass. For some reason, despite its slight 80's tackiness, its beautiful.

Its the last one and my mother continues to use it, making my heart fly everytime she sets it down as I imagine it shattering into a million pieces.
white_wave why did most of wine glasses given to me by Sabryna have to break? 040226
pipers so pretty, i would like to have some :) 040227
white_wave why do i love the glass that contains the wine more than the liquid itself. it is the feminine curve, and the way it makes any table look like a celebration, an invented holiday, so elegantly festive. sometimes wine makes bad things happen in my life. i enjoy a good glass of chianti or bubby champagne sometimes. lately i have seen more sadness with liquor than celebration. so i must admire the shimmery glass from afar... 040228
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