Piso Mojado 'Los Angeles was a bad idea, and i spent two weeks there. it was prime Downes country; too much of the Dream there, and too many fragments of the Dream waiting to snare me' 040210
Piso Mojado 'The body could drive, i told myself, while the mind maintained. Maintained and stayed away from the weird peripheral window dressing of amphetamine and exhaustion, the spectral, luminous vegetation that gorws out of the corners of the mind's eye along late-night highways.' 040210
Piso Mojado 'Sometimes it looks to me like nobody in particular lives there. Not that it's that messy; i'm a good if somewhat robotic housekeeper, and even remember to dust the tops of framed posters and things, but i have these times when the place abruptly gives me a kind of low-grade chill, with its basic accumulation of basic consumer goods. I mean, it's not like i want to fill it up with cats or houseplants or anything, but there are moments when i see that anyone could be living there, could own those things, and it all seems sort of interchangable, my life and yours, my life and anybody's.' 040210
zeke 'I distrust few things more deeply than acts of literary explication.
Here is a book.
It's your turn now.
Circular ruin.
Hall of mirrors.
Ring of flesh.
The smoldering outskirts reconfiguring with each step you take.
Remember me to them.'

WG from his foreward to the '95 edition of Delaney's Dhalgren.
Pios Mojaod "pattern recognition" really made me realize that it is very ok to allow blather to have a big place in my life- not hide it or feel nerdy about the time i spend here. we are all part of this community. no_apologies. 040521
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William Gibson
Friday, September 12, 2003. posted 6:06 AM LAST POSTCARD FROM COSTA
DEL BLOG Time for me to get back to my day job, which means that ...
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William Gibson - Official Website
Pattern Recognition A New York Time Book Review "Notable Book for 2003";
A Washington Post "Choice Cuts of 2003" pick; A Los Angeles ...
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Piso Mojado why quote google? 040522
kookaburra because they have nothing else to say...
i dunno.
maybe its some spiritual release?
theyve been doing it all over blather.
Piso Mojado 'these were teenagers evidently, and shaking to some inner music of plague and chaos' 040724
z neuromancer was written on a typewriter. 040724
Piso Mojado "Are you- are you sad?"
"But your, your songs are sad."
--My songs are of time and distance. The sadness is in you.
Ouroboros I think you screwed up, Case. I showed up and you just fit me right into your reality picture. 060216
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