Toxic_Kisses / TK most of you dont care I know, but for the few of you who do I thought I should at least say goodbye befor I leave and explain why I'm going.

Some one from blather some how hacked into my e-mail, then they wrote my BF while in my e-mail as if they were me saying all this shit about how I've been cheeting on him w/ some one from blather, then aparently this "someone" from blather (No I wont name names) then wrote my boyfriend saying to stay the fuck away from me that I was his now and that we'd been doing all this shit behind his back, witch was obviously all quite untrue, and then they also sent him a virus that fucked up his comp and got into his e-mail and sent the virus to every one that he knows, they even tryed to send it to me, not sucseeding they then tryed 2 more times.

eather way beacuse of this I can no longer come to blather for fear of putting my friends and fam in danger.

I luv every one here so much and I'm truely going to miss each and every one of you. This use to be a place of freedom where I could say anything and was able to make friends easily, and I think thats what I'll miss the most is the people whome I interact with here and reading the things yall write, I never really said anything of importance around here but yall always found a way to make me smile.

None the less it would be selfish of me to stay so beacuse of that I must now say goodbye.
Doar Jesus TK! That's fucked up.

Take care.
Mahayana Offers you a concerned (((hug))).
Im sorry TK that people in this world can be so shitty sometimes, I know this person will not have the capacity to apologize so I shall apologize for them. [im sorry] that people do not honor and respect what is sacred and truly important in life.

Please be well my dear old friend- I shall miss you and your words... and I did care about what you always had to contribute to this blue world-- that has slowly become even bluer yet.

[figures that after 6 months away from blather id come back to such sorrowful news of people and their deceitful, lying, cruel ways... people never cease to disappoint me]
realistic optimist you will be missed,
miss toxic kisses.
i hope you enjoy
reading STRANGER
and that perhaps
you may find something
worthwhile to fill
the blue void.

offers optimistic kisses to your cheek.
Lemon_Soda Remeber:All bad things are temporary.

You shall be missed.
p2 wtf?
why is everyone ok with this?
the response shouldn't be
"so long, we'll miss you"
it should be
"who is this asshole
and how can i help fuck him over?"
name some names
why would you protect his chicken-shit stalker ass?
don't let others dictate your life
don't let others force you off blather
i object to this entire blather
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl yeah!
dont leave because of this shithead
i bet a hell of a lot of people will band together to help you with this if you ask, or maybe even if you dont

come on blatherskites
somebody bc if you even get rid of the "chicken-shit stalker ass" their will be yet others ready and waiting to replace him

You notice that we still have the death penalty over here? and yet that doesn’t seem to deter any one from committing horrid crimes, what makes you think that if you can stop this one person that their wont be others? you can't get rid of them all p2
p2 does that mean you shouldn't try? 040423
Mahayana were not [ok]with this
were just respecting TK's wishes
she doesnt feel safe her for herself nor her family, friends, and loved ones
even if we "fucked over" the asshole, it will probably still not make TK feel any safer here.

the universe will have its own way of fucking this person over, although I must say that it might be nice knowing who this person is just for the sake of everybody elses privacy and safety; however, Im not entirely sure even knowing who this person is would even accomplish that
Mahayana having said that i do respect your wanting to do something about it p2 and im sure that TK will as well; however, i dont think there is much that which one can do in a situation such as this

i do admire your passion about it though
p2 leaving blather won't change things
hiding from your fears only strengthens them
but you're right
if this is what tk wants
that's for her to decide
i still want to voice the opinion that
in blather as in life
you can't let the crazies
push you around
or push you into hiding

if you want my help dealing with this "person"
feel free to email me
sameolme remember, shitty people do shitty things all over, not just here. Resist,
rather than run, if possible, either way, good luck.
sahba your doing what most of my female friends do when a guy stalks or stares at them run away and hide in a little hole its like not going to disneyland because someone might see you having fun with a stranger just as stupid as that 040423
p2 sorry
one more thing
you do have options in dealing with this "person"
my first reaction involved
less-than-legal activities
as i have a virus collection of my own
and friends with other "resources"
but after pondering this a bit more
there are more sensible steps that can be taken
the person can be found
as there is always a trail
routing paths, access logs, ip & mac addresses
he can be found and identified
if virus writers can be caught
so can he
and i'll bet he wasn't even smart enough
to write his own viruses

if you're reading this
i dare you to come after me
i see you can pick on girls
are you just as tough when someone stands up to you?
an_angry_mob GET HIM!!!!! 040423
cube You'll be back.
We all come back - eventually.
oldephebe slice his hamstrings with a box cutter 040423
kookaburra why im leaving blather?
because i have to do my homework...
yea, you all know im kidding. who needs homework when i can get a world class edumacation from you guys...
im headed for mcdonalds, arent i?

oops i was supposed to talk about tk leaving blather.

i am sorry for our loss.

"fun is for friends who do stuff together..."
notme peace_and_love 040423
tututrain hold up! how about we suspended the mob action for a little bit. we all know TK is full of shit and she'll be back, they always come back. i give her 58 hrs max 040423
x how is any of this possible? granted, i'm cynical and subversive at best, but i'm a little skeptical about all of this. 040423
Jenna truedat, cube. truedat. 040423
oldephebe hamstrings, boxcutter..just to keep in practice... 040424
kookaburra i meant

"f is for friends who do stuff together"
pipers don't let some stupid shit alienate you from the things you love, that's only making his/her misison completer, so to speak. rrrarrr. stay and we'll kick 'is arse:D 040424
pobodys nerfect TK--I don't really know you,but wow,that's really fucked up. It's too bad that this guy had to ruin it for you,but I can totally understand you wanting to leave if you feel you're not safe here. =(
I sure wish you'd name who it is you suspect of doing this before you go though. Without us knowing who it is,that guy could try it on someone else here and get away with it again. And speaking out about it might help catch the bastard so you can come back to blather. =) So I hope you reconsider if only for that reason.
P.S. I think this goes without saying, but I hope you changed your passwords and updated your virus stuff and all that jazz. Best of luck to you, and hope to see you at blather again someday. *hugs*
Bespeckled whoa, what ever became of all this? 081214
sameolme Gotta see a man about a horse. 081214
sameolme OK, I'm back, what did I miss? 081214
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