you you fill in the blanks 001202
tourist It keeps me all so ordinary
Just like the greatest heros
Or the vilelist villians that walk the Earth
Even Jesus of Nasareth was known to pinch a loaf
And that's no shit
the wafer thin mint because if i didn't, i might eventually explode like Mister Creosote. 001204
Thyartshallshant I like to shit because... wait, i dont really think i 'enjoy' shitting. Theres times where ive been mighty happy to finally have a chance to 'take one', but i dont ever enjoy the whole idea of shitting. Atleast i dont think so. Does anyone else have some thoughts??? 001231
silentbob i have the same thoughts. its so uncomfortable, and it smells bad, and its gross. i guess thats why its called SHIT. i hate it, but im glad when its over. 001231
deep thoughts from the wafer thin mint they say that happiness comes from the inside, maybe that's why we feel so much better after puking or shitting 001231
god can i put that in the bible? 001231
minty fresh yeah cool 001231
god cool 001231
complete retard it's the challenge, i think 010122
kx21 Given that
Nobody is able to please Everybody; and
Everybody is trying to please Everybody.

And thus,

Everybody is destined to shit on someone
sometimes, either intentional or unintentional.
pat sajaks ghost but do YOU enjoy shitting? 010122
*PiZzA FaCe* i like sneeking up to the bathroom door when other people are pooping, and when ever you hear one hit the water, you giggle and make the person feel uncomfy! 010122
Thyartshallshant Only you kx21, could make the subject of shitting sound philosophical. I guess that's a compliment. 010122
Thyartshallshant Actually, now that I think about it, you talk about shit alot. And you ALWAYS make it sound philosophical. That's pretty amazing. 010122
bm02 SHIT happens 010123
you holy shit 010218
* The New Theory about SHIT with Proof
* and a New Conjecture

the_Theory_of_EVERYTHING ?

SHIT is probable one of the BEST References, if not the best, to justify your existence and contribution...

It's the Mother Nature of U, the sentient being in U like you as described in the following Conjecture:-

SHIT's Conjecture:

U comprises as much shit as star, and
STARs are created or evolved from SHITs.
And U must create as much new shit as new star
to stay alive and forever;
to conceal its nudeness and Beauty and more importantly; and
to give a Fact or an Illusion that Nothing is Everything and Everything is Nothing ...or more precisely, you are nothing, especially in the business of SHIT...

And it concluded that

The SHIT is good.

The more you SHIT, the better you are.

And thus, The Best among EVERYBODY in U is the one who liked and loved to shit, and left the Most SHIT in U.

And hence, a new theory about SHIT and
a new SHIT on YOU!!!

" the BEST you can Be is as to
the MOST SHIT you can make " ,


The theory is pretty obvious for SHITs you certainly Like and Love such as

Money, Knowledge,
Power, etc.

This completed the proof.

Dedicated specifically to Thyartshallshant,
especially the creator of U, GOD...

Copyright 2001. kx21.com
kx21 Who is the ONE who made or created the Most SHIT in U? 010219
... Specifically in the following areas:

1) Computer Operating System
2) Computer Chip
3) Internet Content
4) Management Theories
5) Movie

given that Yesterday's STAR can probably become TODAY's SHIT and
TODAY's STAR may become Tomorrow's SHIT...
Sol so then i can eat more again, having freed up some room 010507
god vegetable_man 010518
kx21 It's the mother nature of U, specifically you...

It's unimaginative if you can't shit anymore...
redneckk i shit myself for fun as a party trick. 010519
Arrrr Sh1t . you stupid clown!
oh god it's that trainspotting thing,
arrrh shIt, fuck me,what would you do!
unhinged . 070614
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