squeaky CRAZY CAT 000808
attila the hun interesting person:)
very crazy, fun and has a lot of cats(4)
can wiggle her nose like a bunny
WIld, likes to shout
squeaky very cool person if i do say so myself! he he he! blimpy doesn't rhyme with whitney!he he he! hey, he doesn't rhyme with whitney either!wow! 000808
s smile 000813
cutting TRY boyo I feel like Chicken Tonight

but I don't like meat what shall I do about it.

where is your bunny tale then Mr?

shake it,
I only got a boiled chicken egg for Easter! I was fuming.

silly boy what are you doing their?
I always smile and so do you.
Batman where is my Robin outfit.
your driving me in the fast_lane again.

and i only told you to eat caramel, not glass, why don't you leave and open your own web company if your tail is too long.

mr. bounce, you are a man in my eyes,
butt I told ya no more twigs!

lets build a house so the wolf can't get in.
whitney im on a roll this time. i feel my luck could change 010603
yoink "dump your old boyfriend and go out with me" 010603
yoink i hope SOMEBODY got that. 010603
burden I only played third-string, yoink. That's where Bill and Ted went to school. 010604
angie shes a chic
who has little time
but she still remains
one of mine
very best friends
she changes moods
like she changes rings
rings are just things
she'll be there
if i need her
its all good...
we from the hood
whitney its the ataris, although it is of little concern. 030930
whitney is back. 100901
what's it to you?
who go