Perspective_Of_Soul Basking in the warmth created by its glow i find myself lost and unwilling to return to the reality i have without it.
A dreamy experience it is, hearing its chatter, the words flowing like liquid euphoria.Does it miss me when i am gone ?
Does it think about me as i think about it with all its attributes and all my constant downfalls ?
The thought that it does, comforts me.
Even the shadows created by it tingle with joy when it appears.
The voice of an angel sings to me.
The words of a poet brings it to me.
Without it i would be in the darkness, unable to find my way on this road, with all its deceptive hills and mind bending twists.
Down the hall of hope i find myself travelling, when i see its light at the end of it.
But perhaps it is just a reflection of a dream, the memories of a moment that never existed.
If it is, then i will cease to exist willingly.For i cannot see myself without it.
have to say it.... white heat 020824
white_light you write such with such unique beauty.. i am in awe. 020828
Perspective_Of_Soul I had the most perfect inspiration. 020903
Elzbieta Pure white light beaming from the glory of the saints
Light my soul in the dark
Bring out all the snared and knotted beings in me
Tenderly work them and bathe them in you white light
Make me know that I'm not alone
hsg almost_as_if
it were a real place
margaux flowing 'round you and through you.



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