silentbob and what about all those whos-its and whats-its that we never pay attention to? do they just get kkepped in our neverending sleep? or do they go to silicon heaven??
and don't EVEN tell me there is no silicon_heaven. Otherwise where do all the calculators go when they die?
irstaphanizzle I shall comb my toes whilst I lick your mind, and you can deviate my rectum from its true purpose. Also, don't trust condoms. They seem to be subversive members of the same organization that includes plutonium, trail mix, astronauts, and childbirth. 011009
marjorie i shall print out these papers
as i do this, you will give me more papers
and we will together find the answers
to all the questions
whilst we drink tea and eat dried out scones
jane we should use it more often. fo shizzle. 050101
sameolme Whilst rethinking stratagy in the war,
perhaps Bush should reconsider the wisdom of commiting genocide under a false
pretext. A refresher course on the folly of hubris might also be profitable.
what's it to you?
who go