guy montag are you a monster on the outside? or on the inside? 040417
sab monsterangel always

but tonight
this question makes me instantly think
of the cheif weasle from the wind in the willows.

narrowed eyes and oil voice
a nonchalant attitude
and always cooking up schemes.

tonight, that's who i wanna be.

of course, it might have something with the headscarf i wore all day

but hey
nomme miss_monster 040418
werewolf well i suppose this one should be easy. 040418
kookaburra im a monster on both side...
but a good monster...
c is for cookie, thats good enough for me
superleni the one who lives under your bed 060824
z i am a "great sized monster of ingratitudes" as described by the bard. 060824
z (troilus and cressida) 060824
grendel inside and out, made all the worse (not necessarily for me, however) with my growing comfort in that role

(my name says it all)
. i'm the one coming over that hill 060825
Lemon_Soda I am the oblivious Heart Creeper, who with callous, barbed hands gently wrap my ephemeral fingers about your heart. Though at first the tiny pricks and warm sensations excite, they soon terrify when you realize the true nature of the grip I have on your heart.

One gentle squeeze, to get what I want.
One firm squeeze, to put you on your knees.

One gentle squeeze, to show I care.
One firm jerk, to show I don't.

And all with an ignorant innocence that proves you are to blame for it all.
creepy . 060830
still creepy 061016
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