Mahayana the world creates all things ... nothing is before it has been uttered in a clear voice.

[creative utterance]

she spoke the first word Om to bring forth the universe: the mantramatrika, "mother of mantras" she invented the alphabet whose letters were called matrika, "mothers"

she is contained in all that lies between the first and the last letters of the alpgabet, which contains the original root forms from which the names of everything in the world are compounded
They call me Truth wow 070726
epitome of incomprehensibility Though I cannot completely decipher the meaning here (maybe it would make itself clear if the passage were spoken aloud?) the "mantramatika" word struck me as being full of poetricity. All hail the neologists. 070727
iMe Sorry, mantramatrika. I guess I was thinking of mathematics. 070727
kung Fu give me a better effing ipod then. 070727
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