nah....! "no reason."

"that's ridiculous."

"so be it."

"um, no."

nemo you... 011216
pralines&cream "I'm tired," is what I tell myself.

"I'm sorry, there is no excuse," is what I tell others.
ClairE I know you don't know. I know.

Aw. I'll rub your back. Okay?
phil ambition 020114
fli Because. 020115
j_blue y?

isn't it just as futile as doing nothing at all?
Phil ambition is my reason for not following through. 020128
Death of a Rose errors have been made, others will be blamed 031018
endless deisre he speaks the truth 031018
endesire i dont know how to spell my name
neither does my brother.
stork daddy i get bored halfway through 031018
ClairE Sorry to keep asking, but I just can't comprehend letting an opportunity fall by the wayside.

I see possibility in too much. I need to stop weaving futures.

(I understand, but I can't understand. I stop asking, but I can't stop thinking. Can I ask you to understand this?)
User24 cue the perfect blathe title to explain why I haven't been here for 2 or 3 days (a long time for me; I'm an addict)

Well, actually, this time, I did follow it through, and if anyone wants a copy of the message I gave my boss, (2986 words) I'll supply, just leave a note under ' user24 '. For once, I actually stood up. go me! And it seems to have worked, too, which is even better :)
Death of a Rose that damn tree behind my ball 040328
realistic optimist yay good for you u24! :D ooh ooh i want a copy! 040328
Lemon_Soda Insecurity.

Shit man, throw a rock.

I'm getting over it, though.
birdmad because i wasn't really relevant and also because it's just more stuff that's not_for_me_to_say 040329
sameolme I keep forgetting to keep my left shoulder up. 040329
oldephebe bad hips and a sway back...at least the coach let me ride the bench...he let me pitch sidearm style though...if we were up by like 15 runs and it was like the last out in the ninth and no one was on base and their worst hitter was up... 040329
TK Fear that even if I try my absolute hardest that it still wonít be enough for you, why try at all knowing that you'll still always see me as a failure?

or at least thats how I feel, now as to if theirs any truth to that I dont know, but I'll find out soon enough.
. ..^^^^.. 091017
unhinged because whenever i try to follow through i end up getting kicked in the teeth for it

i will not allow people to treat me like shit anymore. i will not allow people to make me feel guilty for my feelings or taking care of myself anymore. i will not put off working on being the best version of myself anymore.
unhinged .

you are not the victim you make yourself out to be
does it ease the pain?
"I'm tired," is what I tell others.

"I'm sorry, there is no excuse," is what I tell myself.

(thx to pralines&cream above, 020113)
Bespeckled Does it ease the pain: You're welcome. :) 101012
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