Rhin i want to taste me
i want you to hear me
i want you in me
i want to never love again
i want to have loved again
i want to lose my sanity
i want to be sane
i want pizza
i want stawberry wine
i want a blue world
i want to feel exhilarated
i want my baby
i want to stop writing for now
i want to write again
i want to write tomorrow
i want you to shut up
i want your number
i want to go now
i want a little normal
i want a little respect
i want someone to listen to me
i want the sunny side of the street
i want to climb out of this hole
i want you to lick the ground i walk on
i want you to leave me alone
i want what we had
i want you out of my head
i want to cry a little more
i want to jump before the gun goes off
i want what i cannot have
i want what is in your hands
i want you to die a slow agonizing death
i want your head on a platter
i want to immerse my hands into a pool of flower petals
i want to drink the blood from the fountain
i want to pull the stinger out of a bee
i want to tell my father to go to hell
i want to tell my friends that they mean nothing to me
i want anonymity
i want to attain my freedom
i want to drive the autobahn
i want to participate in a bacchanalia
i want to stand at the pulpit
i want to be the righteous one
i want to say i love you and mean it
i want to scream in your ear while you are sleeping
i want you to keep quiet
i want to know how far i can really go
i want to throw rocks at your glass house
i want to be a needle piercing your skin
i want to ride your naked body
i want to take you into my mouth
i want to save you for later
i want to say 'get the fuck out!'
i want a drink of water
i want to make a toast
i want to pick your brain
i want to be you
i want to try a little harder
i want you to be me
i want the dream back
i want the nightmare to go away
i want to take away your sight
i want the real you
i want a piece of pie, but will settle
for a piece of Heaven
i want to be a death spasm
i want to snort a line of snow
i want to drink a vial of poison
i want to scratch my nails down your back
i want to pull off the ultimate heist
i want to be beautiful again
i want to be flawless
i want the cynicism gone
i want you to look twice
i want to be your last thought at night
i want to be your waking thought
i want too much
i want a touch of reality
i want to kill the killer
i want to see you groveling
i want to make you eat your words
i want you to feel my pain
i want your body writhing in a pool of my anguish
i want not enough
i want to be more than i am
i want to stress you out
i want to dress backwards
i want to not help it
i want deliverance
i want to be the worm in the bottle
i want to be fascinated by you
i want to be humbled
i want to meet a kindred spirit
i want a distraction
i want to find a common ground
i want to paint the painter
i want to run amuck
i want to cause a ruckus
i want to talk about it
i want you to let me go
i want you to help me die
i want to not think anymore
i want to understand
i want to take a risk
i want to take my innocence back
i want to compose a sonata
i want you to forget me
i want to be eloquent
i want to sing in the choir
i want to have your baby
i want to be open wide
i want to wear you out
i want to be frightened
i want you to know i have lost faith in you
i want to remind you to call me
i want you to know i am not well
i want you to clean up your mess
i want you gone
i want a sideways look
i want the illusion
i want a baby grand
i want to hear the mystical
i want to wear the holster
i want to be young again
i want a little protection
i want the knight in shining armor
i want a bottle of pills
i want acceptance
i want a little space
i want to tell you how i feel
i want to be fearless
i want some more respect
i want to be nurtured
i want to climb back in my mother
i want to bring the house down
i want to swing on a vine
i want to wash my hands
i want to erase you
i want a time machine
i want to be swept under the rug
i want her to call me
i want to hear her story
i want to kiss away her tears
i want to laugh at your pain
i want to banish you from my heart
i want to tie you to my grill
i want to fuck you
i want to hear you scream my name
i want your body writhing in pleasure
i want the bruises once again
i want to sing a song of innocence
i want a butterfly in my soup
i want a pretty puppet
i want to taunt a stupid man
i want a wasted soul
i want to fuck you up
i want to bask in sunlight
i want the night more
i want to hear you end it all
i want to be the cause
i want to relish in your misery
i want to be your little toy
i want to remember when
i want some of Nana's Pumpkin pie
i want to tell my mother
i want her to know the real me
i want her to understand
i want something that could never be
i want alot
i want some of your faith
i want to take back that fateful trip
i want some of your stupidity
i want a ticket back home
i want you to fight your way in
i want it to be easy
i want an easy way out
i want to die like you
i want to be exceptional at one thing
i want to not be just mediocre at a few things
i want the memory
i want what you have always known
i want to know your confusion
i want to strip you of your pride
i want you to destroy that black horse
i want you to fucking grow up
i want to slap your face dramatically
i want to take that back
i want to admonish your childlike ways
i want i want i want
i want to be me
i want to open up again
i want to know why it's so hard
i want it right here
i want you in control
i want to charge the palace
i want everything
i want nothing
i want you to read this
i want to hear you read it
i want you to leave my words alone
i want you to find your own
i want to challenge you once again
i want you to provoke me
i want something traumatic
i want the inspiration
i want my own muse
i want a sacrifice
i want a lear jet
i want to build a house
i want to watch it fall down
i want to embrace you
i want to rise up again
i want to undress
i want the wicked look
i want the degree
i want to shove a mothball down your throat
i want to paint a van gogh
i want to travel the world alone
i want to seek my own fortune
i want to be a fortune 500 centerfold
i want to fly
i want to fly
i want to fly
i want to meet your parents
i want to ask permission to kiss you
i want you to remember me
i want to be remembered for something
i want a lifetime of something special
i want to inhale the garden
i want to lay on a bed of sterling silver's
i want to meet the president
i want to float on the rhine
i want to go to sleep
i want a bestest friend
i want a ticket to paradise
i want an eclipse
i want an evolution
i want life to end as we know it
i want more than you
reitoei i want to yell at everyone to wakeup from their unfeeling exsitence. but no one will listen
i want to erase humanity and replace them with AI. but i cant
i want a to always love me and be with me. but i can't force that
i want to forget most of my life. but i never will.
i want to have a job i like. but that will never happen
i want to graduate early. but i can't
i want to write something worth reading. but im not that good.
i want to hide from humanity. but they will always see me
i want to change the world. but it will always be the same
i want to be optimistic. but there's no point
i want to think there's a point to my life. but i know there isn't
i want people to listen to me seriously. but they never will
i want an sgi O3. but ill never have one.
i want seamlessly augmented reality. but that is for another lifetime.
i want to understand the universe. but no one ever will.
i want to have something i want. but everything i can have is superficial.
Aaron simple little things.. a romantic interest.. to loose some weight.. a mind that doesn't need therapy.. a job.. to look back on my life fondly without remorse.. to look ahead with confidence.. 020316
kerry some guy with hair in his eyes and a guitar cradled in his arms. things that are utterly impossible. and some things that aren't. a good shopping trip, something simple to make me happy, and a really rad concert.
then again, we all want too much, don't we?
Toxic_Kisses I'll never have what I want bc it is and of it' self contradictory
but I want it non-the-less
piercedjenny I want to be able to sleep with the lights out, without fear of anyone being in my closet.
I want to look forward to tomorrow without worrying about wanting drugs to make me feel like me.
I really truly just want to be the me I have this really vague recollection of when I look in the mirror and see a stranger looking back.
Syrope wow pierced...
i want to be able to make just one decision and be absolutely sure of it, 100%...none of this going back and wondering "what if..?"
but generally...well, ask me on a more superficial day and i want birth control, liposuction, a week at a spa, and a knight in shining armour on a white horse who likes literature, movies, music, and sex. *shrug* i take what i can get...
pralines&cream excitement


from you,
from you,
from you,
and from you

to be me, to find me

to do whatever the fuck i feel like doing at any given time.

But that's impossible isn't it?
Zero I want to pull the trigger and make her feel the pain she left me in. 020819
devalis kiss 021003
blue star love and respect. Because I do deserve it. Hell yes. 021004
~gez~ a simple gesture that shows you love me. although i know you do. a way to prove how much i love you, without feeling obsessive. i would destroy this world for you, you mean everything to me 021004
not an angry girl i want love
i want understanding
i want to wake up and be awake
i want to fall asleep before midnight
i want to be confident
i want to stop being afraid
i want to feel sane
i want to be productive
i want to be motivated
i want to have a full life
i want to speak a different language
i want to do something better
i want to know something more
i want to finish my to-do list
i want to be able to afford school
i want to feel healthy again
i want to wake up early and see the sun
i want to wake up in someone's arms
i want to love
i want to be loved
i want to smile
i want to cry
i want to laugh
i want to dance
i want to write
i want to read
i want the insanity to stop
i want to breathe
god yeh, me too 030127
x you
mon i barely know who i am 031229
sirflaccid After you I feel awake.

What I mean is I have a better understanding of what I am searching for. I was afraid of this when it first entered my brain. I thought it was a comparison type thing. I have come to realize that it is not. It is me defining the things that I must have.

You have showed me parts of humanity that I did not think could exist in my world. True compassion, blunt honesty, special connections that no one else could ever understand, beautiful forms of unhealthy communication, and having a complete conversation without saying a word.

I crave these things. I NEED these things. And no matter what I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR ANY LESS.
flexible is to want the things i have.

once you own something, you cease to want it.

'i don't think i want to be your friend anymore'

you reacted just as i expected. dude, you're getting predictable!

'i think i just am.'
HidingOnTheWall I want you to want me
I want to know myself
I want to scream
I want to cry
I want to live
I want to die
I want to find my voice
I want to be heard
I want the fear to fade
I want to know if love is real
I want to feel true
I want the world to stop spinning
I want to be held
I want to be invisible
I want to be seen
I want to crawl in a hole
I want to stand out
I want to be different
I want to be known
I want to be perfect
I want to rebel
I want to float about it all
I want the skys tears to never dry
I want to walk in the clouds
I want the spinning from smoking
I want the warmth from drinking
I want the excitment of barely getting away.
I want time to stop
I want my life to begin
I want to fall
I want you to catch me
I want to hold your hand
I want to feel your magic
I want you to kiss me
I want to feel free
I want to run away
I want the ghosts to disappear
I want the day to be shorter
I want the night to never end
I want to feel you inside of me
I want to hide
I want to want to smile
I want you to need me
I want to cry on your shoulder
I want to hold you
I want to run to your house when the world is too much
I want the weight off my shoulders
I want to dance with the moon
I want to dream in the stars
I want the rain to wash away my pain
I want the burn on my leg to heal
I want the scar to stay real
I want the warmth to never fade
I want to keep it a secret
I want you to know
I want you to touch the scar and feel my pain
I want you to cry with me
I want to wake up in your arms
I want to smell like you
I want to wear your jacket
I want to fly higher
I want to never touch the ground
I want you to never leave me
I want to trust you
I want you to trust me
I want to never have to say 'Im sorry'
I want to never hurt again
I want to stare strangers in the eye
I want you to find me where I hide
I want to run away from life
I want you by my side
I want you to guide me
I want your tenderness
I want all your affection
I want to touch you
I want you to touch me
I want you to whisper in my ear
I want you to dream about me
I want to never cry again
I want more time
I want to live a life I will never regret, leave memories that you will never forget and write something someone will cherish.
I want to be remembered.
no reason is to be what_you_want from everyone or anyone 050530
falling_alone i want to remember every day and detail 050530
Lemon_Soda All I have.

Will I want more?

As I get it.
birdmad to forget
to let go
to not feel
Spacey Headcase I want to fuck him
I want to marry rich
I want to be richer
I want to wear diamonds and fur
I want you to care
I want you to look good too
I want to shave his face
I want to kill him
I want to love him
I want him to like the Pixies
I want to be Kim Deal
I want to fuck her too
I want to be thinner
I want you to give a fucking damn
I want you to be happy
I want you to get over things
I want to you to get what you want
I want to get what I want
I want to be a musician
I want to be an artist
I want to be a journalist
I want to make a movie based on our life here
I want to own a record shop
I want to be famous for those things
I want you to fuck me
I want to be fucked
I want you to beg
I want you to want me
I want them to care
I want to be older
I want to stop talking to Andy
I want to still talk to Matt
I want to have you in my life until we both die
I want you to know how much music means to me
I want you to understand that
I want you to never take that away
I want to fuck my husbands
I want my husbands list to be as wanted as being casted by the plaster casters
I want my tits casted by the plaster casters
I want you to never leave
I want to be sure that you won't
I want you to care
I want to be close to the Pixies
I want you to know how much music means to me
I want to be the music I listen to
I AM the music I listen to that's why it means so much to me
I want you to care
I want to fuck him real bad
I want to get high
I want to drink
I want to smoke
I want more than I'll ever get
I want to.... love music more than anything, because it will never leave me like you will.
unhinged for somebody to finally say 'you're such a great friend that i will love you the way you need me to, not the way that benefits me the most.' 050612
a chaotic gift to idealism well said.. well said. 050613
rhin i want passion. 051019
andru235 i want to go d'home now. 051019
no reason i should focus on this more
but i'm not always sure what_i_want and even when i am it changes

or maybe i just can't admit anything i ever really want because that puts pressure or emphasis on the fact that i want it
and if i never get it?

(words are losing meaning
i shouldn't think/type when i'm high)
peyton wherever you are rhin
i hope you are happy

but more than anything

I really hope you are okay.

I miss you.
rhin Peyton, happiness is a state of being that i'll never understand, but thank you all the same.

i hope that you have found some measure of happiness, or least contentment.
n o m sometimes, i don't know, i am curious 110609
rhin i want to turn back the clock
i want to know what i am doing here
i want to rake my nails down my face
i want to rake my nails down yours
i want to tell you that i don't trust you
i want you to know that you are a bigger closet freak than i am
i want you to beg for life before i silence you
i want you to know that i will never trust you
i want you to know that you will probably pale in comparison
i want to forget
i want to forget the jealous one
i want to forget the dead one
i want to forget the drunk one
i want to forget the suicidal one
i want to forget the confused one
i want to forget the clingy one
i want to forget the narcissistic one
i want to forget the user
i want to remember why i forgot them
i want to stop wanting people
i want to stop trusting
i want one more smile
i want one last breath
i want the pain
i want to beg for it
i want to tell you again that i will never trust you
i want to never trust you
i want to never trust you ever
i want to remind you of why i will never trust you
i want to pull you in
i want you to trust me
i want you completely vulnerable
i want my words to slice through your skin so jaggedly that every time you hear my name, blood trickles from the scars like wind-blown thread
i want you to know what revenge tastes like
i want you to know that it tastes like me
i want you to want to lick me
i want you to kiss me unknowingly
i want just one last fucking thing
never mind.
i don't want it
unhinged never really factored in for you 130429
unhinged 'a little less stress
a lot more security'
unhinged doesn't matter 130502
rhin i want you to not have cancelled tonight
i want to know why i am not really bothered that you cancelled
i want you to know i am lying
i want you to know that i am pulling away from you
i want you to know that i am telling the truth
rhin i want to figure you out
i want to give this the time it deserves
i want to know what you are really thinking
gabbie is for the end to come
so we can begin again
rhin i want to learn to bite my tongue
i want someone that i can call Dudley
i want a neck massage
i want to not be afraid...again
i want to not be afraid of men
i want to not be afraid of me
i want to scream because i can
i want to stop wanting
rhin i want...

fuck it.


i want a grape slushie.


i want to not cry into my grape slushie.

i want to not feel overwhelmed as i sip my grape slushie.

i want to stop thinking for one second and just love my grape slushie.

i want to forget that i have wasted precious moments of my life writing about wanting a fucking grape slushie.
no reason i've been told i don't often go for what i want, but what i want is always so difficult to get 130906
no reason i want to do everything to reach anything but can't motivate myself to do any of it. 130906
what's it to you?
who go