sabbie sometimes, in the dark of night on an empty hill in a deserted field, i get caught in starlight and bathed in the the wry grin of the moon and i feel a change start to creep over me, spreading like a white ink stain across a black paper napkin. i start to stand tall, spine cracking as i straighten up, and i get the oddest feeling, like i would walk on two legs for a while.

luckily, it never lasts long.
rip hey thats pretty cool but it sounds like ur implying that were all animals and we only act like humans once in awhile. i dont know. 011118
sabbie you can read whatever you like into this.

but what, pray tell, makes you think that a) humans are better than animals, and b) that the worlds population doesnt act like 'animals' most of the time. (_do_ you watch the news?) i hate to break it to you, but humans arnt the pinicle of evolution.

maybe your interpretation was what i had in mind. or maybe im trying to say that some people arnt human and only sometimes get sucked into that groove. or maybe im saying that there are humans but that there are animals who change their shape and walk alongside you on the street. or maybe im saying that i don't feel like a human, if humans do the sort of things to each other that i read about every day.

or maybe the image jsut came to me and i wrote it down.
Norm Roar! I'm a tiger. Roar! 011122
finngwen _early_morning_ 040529
werewolf oh those rare moments, when i'm released. transcending the hunched feeble skin i am wrapped in for approval. 040530
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