sab so your underpants
are ridin' up your crack something cronic
and no matter how many times you dive your hand down there
they just keep joyously leaping upward, onwards, ever disapearin' up the grand canyon

then underpants are shy
they like to hide away

and i'm thinking that there must be more names for this phenonoma than wedgies.

please, call forth your wedgie words
for i am ever curious
teeeeeeeeeeeeeeee g string 040414
. my mother used to call them "crotch crickets"

Can we say ew?
misstree best reason to wear thongs (butt_floss rather than a party between your buttcheeks).
pipers well, i've got two words but they're in the vernacular. one is translated as 'eatin' cloth' (i.e your butt's chewin up your pants) and one's just gibberish :D both're funny, though, but they describe the phenomenon when your shirt is stuck in your butt-crack, a common phenomenon in my part of the world where the tunics are long and people don't wear underoos. i suppose it can apply to a wedgie too. 040415
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