vichy and so, we wonder.

we wonder about what happened to the woodpecker's wings after they were violently yanked off.

in kemulya, on the border of rynomari, they say the maris den cieans came in the full moonlight and tenderly wrapped them in black sheep skins and packed them respect in a kenneth cole shoebox,
with gossamer, kitestring, haybale twine, and the feathers of a 1ooo other birds.

in marseille, it has been said that the wings were finger-pressed on a slightly smaller scale of beeswax and set upon the back of a hand-sculpted angel. hmmm.

premonition or precociousness?

in seville, it is said that the wings were constructed of thin steel wire covered with weathered folio. feathers were real, layered with samples from many of the bird species of spain.

in tuscany, it is said that the wings were carved from soapstone and will sit as a museum piece when the
'Affame le Geant" gallery opens in
rome, april 2oo3, with other articles such as an authentic wooden cart, and a stuffed dog to look like Puppertwinkle sewn by the rosary class of The Immaculate Conception church.

in antwerp, they have an actor wear the wings in morris abeaud's play called,
'The Wings of Feignez.' the wings are constructed of an old sail from a small boat on cape may, over a frame made of bicycle spokes.
("we have many spokes in our wheel of talent." ~davis browne)

but pasti, some of them are broken.

in stuttgart, they have made hundreds of cut and past collages of the stone man with the wings of a woodpecker.

in manchester, they have created
'Feignez the Musical.' and one song in particular is about the ciean-led act of destiny, and the placing of her wings on the back of saumboo.

for the boys of robin hill...
the french holiday begins on wednesday.
forever endeavor i once knew two boys who, on purpose, went to the big city with only enough money to get there, but not enough to get back. one armed with an accordion, the other with break dancing skills and a paper cup. they stopped at a street corner, set the cup down. the accordioned one started playing, while the other break danced to the music. their objective: to see if their skills can get them enough money to take them home. their experiment was a failure. they took in roughly about 83 cents...just enough to make a phone call to a friend to come and get them. 030323
minnesota_chris haha... if you can make it there, you can breakdance to the accordion anywhere! 030323
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