Death of a Rose are you on?
are you off?
are you between?
are you without?
darkness lightnened?
whitechocolatewalrus i am walrus
i am bright
i am dark
i am vascillating
between day and night
i am
and you are
but me are me and
you is you
Death of a Rose you are here, but not as want,
giving slighty,
slipping upon the stained crevasses,
growth is yours, to his stead,
mark it with ribbons,
justice is where those with steady feet,
braking in instance,
pushing forth, stance i meet.
whitechocolatewalrus and easy to great
these bubbles of faith
and dustings of hope
flutter just beyond my reach
plaster what you think
others would want
(that smile) upon your face
they don't seem to mind
when your deep in thought
will leave you alone
to ponder
and plan
how to catch
these balloon like figures
is always
just out of reach
walrus [great should be greet] 031227
Death of a Rose so a gathering i will confront,
brandish our hidden intent,
burn the grasses as our mark,
forget all else.
Death of a Rose delving deeply, butressed against the hordes of dark,

sharpened spikes upon your trail,
scents lingering,
shoulders frail,
breath as ragged, unadorned,
leaning heavily in this dawn.
whitechocolatewalrus forgetting the day
i fell
into oblivion
forgetting the time
i forgot to breathe
and almost faded to black
forgetting me
and forgetting you
all these memories
are of no use.
Death of a Rose i scent the unheard of heralds, hoisting the cry of wars pleasure,
widows and orphans made,
whispers of ashes are
all that they clutch to.

but as you say,
ashes are but part of the chain,
tranforming dust into life,
mist infilled,
dragons throat, heat inferred.

whitechocolatewalrus the air's scent
i smell upon
your body
i weep fresh tears
and scream before the night
life washed away
with a gentle breeze
i could not ask for comfort
i could not ask for help
i could not ask
these ashes flutter
returning to haunt me
reminding me of your soul
bubbles choked on
could not interfere
spikes on this pathless journey
could be detrimental
beware of your route
oxygen is harmful.
Death of a Rose watchful over the broken hills he watched, scanning for signs of movement, breezes tossing his hair in a punk rock beat.

voracious his appetite had become,
not quite sated whenever the kill had come under the sun drenched grasses,
unquenchable, a burning need to sate this cornered demon.

standing up, he roared at the fading light, tense muscles ready to spring into a heart pounding sprint.

there was movement, springing at once in that direction.

slowing in confusion as the scent was unfamiliar, stopping to catalogue this strange intruding smell.

a sharp crack and the pain was intense in his chest. in the haze of his greying eyes did he turn to gaze at the creature holding a smoking stick, but smelling of jasmine. last thoughts were intense and confused.
whitechocolatewalrus she watched as he struggled for life
a last regret
a last longing
suprized success danced upon her face
as he toppled down the universe
hardening her heart
he had become a rock
forever one with the mountainside.
Doar emotionless is an alien caress,
slipping the tongue over rough edged teeth,
bastion of last recoubt,
curved and sliding along my thoughts,
wetness upon my hands,
weeping with eyes closed.

struggle to find another rock,
from among the thousands presented,
in the calvalcade of stampeding thunder.
BSC "redoubt" 040226
pipers most enchanted bravo, mi amores! 040227
whitechocolatewalrus sky flashes
viscious anger communicated
and danger imminating
remorseful cloud tears falling
splattering against nature
my feet gripping frantically upon the tilting world
pounding down
step left
step right
faster faster
the cave is just in sight
Death of a Rose a calmness awaits inside the storm,
where the sky is clear as a newly polished window,
numbness can leave a dear john letter,
renewed vigour and vitality,
traps sprung and dismantled,
close the eyes and lift your arms in joy,
proclaim that the underworld is not to have you yet.
whitechocolatewalrus calmness as a castle,
beauty sitting upon her throne,
deciding who stays
inside the shimmery shining world
and who goes,
pushed upon ominous stairs
downward leading
approaching many a forboding direction
tunnels pathways caves,
everything unknown.
Death of a Rose green vermillion,
coloured with white and black,
freshly shorn of height,
fastidious in the light,

making a stone sit apart,
rock to the roll baby,
tripping along the cloud,
pure of motive in release.
whitechocolatewalrus still trying to understand
how life relates to death
still trying to understand
how black is nothing
and white is everything
and grey is what is not
Death of a Rose understanding is hard to witness,
knowledge is often boarded up,
caring is sent to the back of the line,
true vision if fined for speeding,

honesty has been sold,
bravado is more false than honour,
mindlessness is gaining ground,
greed is becoming universal.
whitechocolatewalrus musty attics
the pillar of pasts
daring to be lost
memories fading
knowledge traveling
back and forth
a train on empty tracks
old mirrors
strange reflections
telling truths
screaming lies.
Lick watching the water fade in the distance,
working at carving another post at this corner of belief and relief.

a small gratitude for the smallrus,
truly a special tree in her own right.
whitechocolatewalrus you are a lovely smooth stone
sparkling in the dimly lit night
all the other pebbles and rocks,
sand and sea shells
pale in comparison
to your stunning exuberance
i would swim the sea
and fare many a storm
to fetch you from dangerous waters
to keep you safe
and close at heart
stork daddy oh come on, all there really is to say about this is, ric flair was not enough, to keep away the betting on the shortest of fluctuations which turned out to be, the least dependable - sting, goldberg, nash - cheapening a glory which took years, in weeks. 040519
The Spork Between Eric Bischoff's overindulgence of the big money contracts he brought in, Jamie Kellner and the rest of AOL-Time Warner's disregard for the product and Vince Russo's nonsense booking, it was sad to see the company fall apart so quickly and even sadder to see Vince McMahon botch the "Invasion" angle so badly after buying them out. 040519
minnesota_chris Two of my high school friends wrestled for west coast wrestling. They were the Derringer brothers.

Then one of them declared he was gay, and they both decided to do something else.
whitechocolatewalrus oh shut up. you all suck. the end. 040519
stork daddy i apologize that we blathered on this here blather page that was your personal shrine of beauty. but it really was the first thing that occured to me when i saw wcw. 040519
walrie i don't really care, i just felt like being mean. 040519
stork daddy oh. well then shut up, you suck. 040520
minnesota_chris mmm, I think we have a fake walrie here 040520
walrie hey! there is nothing fake about me. i am certain that i am made of real skin and real hair and real eyes and i have a real voice 040520
fake walrie I don't have any of those things. 040520
Walrie I Am Not I'm afraid I left those at home in my other pair of pants. 040520
surrealistic fake walrie My homework ate my dog. 040520
Dreaming of Plastic Walrie My homework piddled on the dog. 040520
bobble-headed walrie My karma ran over my dogma. 040520
real walrie living on the cusp of a scream touch me feel me hear me!!! 040520
fake walrie *touch*

I feel dirty.
smallrus you've ruined my page.
walrie i hate fake walrie. 040520
fake walrie I hate me, too. 040520
Death of a Rose Voices can lift a thousands weights,
Expressions can become pivotal in exchanges,
Gestures can emphasize ideas and discussion,
Movements can bring tears,
Harmoney is bringing them all together in coordinated effort.
whitechocolatewalrus voices in my head
keep me sane
and voices in my body
keep me fit
i am full of things i do not know
i am full of things
and things are full of me
Doar Those small parts of you that suggest caution and prudence,

I most ignore them with almost surgical precision.
Doh "mostly" 040722
walrie i am cautious
i am prude
therefore i am a surgeon
or maybe just a math freak
or maybe a pop tart
i love toasters
red shiny me
i am hot

ps everyone still sucks oh how i love you all
Death of a Rose and in this I am at odds with everything that I taught myself,
the distance, the smiles, the ill I bring to your dinner table.

when a rock brings death to life,
when the instance you envision is called forth from the slumbering,
it brings with it a smallrus in thought, a careful smile in her light.

Take these scarred hands, as I have no use for them now. Take them and use them in a new way. Use them in a useful manner, meant to bring the opposite of solitude, meant to absolve you of self imagined sins, meant to catch your tears for their own rememberance.
walrie i am not the same as i once was
i am not the same as i will be
but i am still me
i can make my own choices
i can make my own friends
and i can go back on my word
which i intend to do
i know what you were expecting
i know what you were wanting
but your methods seem to have upset me even more than i told you they would
so you're just going to have to live without your expectations being met
because i can't do that for you
and i won't do that for you
despite what i may or may not have said
im not really sorry
that's just the way it has to be.
Doar Puzzled huh? 060824
walrie yeah, its just whats been on my mind lately
: )
walrie haha which involves one other than you
which reminds me to ask how you've been lately?
Death of a Rose I've been doing great smallrus. Ship me an e-mail and I'll tell you all about it. 060824
minnesota_chris as we used to sing when we were young...

Abber dirt day, to you...
abber dirt day, to you...
abber dirt day, abber dirt day...
abber dirt day, TO YOU!
Doar And a hippy freakin birthin day to you!

walrie i like dirt days 070828
Doar I am glad for you smallrus.

You will have every joy in life.

because you can.

Doar Dammit, I miss you. 120112
macquaria I saw these letters on a licence plate today and so I'm treating it like the 'random' button here.

Hope all is chocolatey where you are.
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