me? we of those that are watched
have set aside our past
to fix what we have botched
and make a pack that will last

the secrets stay inside
this circle of greed
we will not hide
till we are freed

the seventh son has spoken
far and wide of our downfall
all past bets are broken
for this our final call

wake your self from your dream
talk not in riddles my good sir
hear the silence of the scream
and tendrils of heart start to stir
lotusflower i am watching you from my tower
and you're lookin' real good. is this where i throw down my hair?
amy Tower in the Ground 000422
bijou i have a box of tarot cards and the tower is my favorite one, all tall and flaming. chaos. 011018
starkRAVENmad hmm, wish i had a scanned image of the one in the set i am looks like a cross between a stone tower and a hand_of_glory 011018
heaven Let's have a role call.
Your death is written
on your wall
As you smear your shit
On bathroom stalls
As janitors await
With loaded guns
what's it to you?
who go