typhoid i think one can buy more there than robitussin and altoids.. like triscuits ;) 000512
paste! and big plastic jugs of winner's cup vodka...or don jose tequilla...or other generically labeled brands. jamaican parrot rum? backwoods creek whisky? assgreens peat sludge scotch? oh yeah, can't forget those 99 cent shitty cassette tapes from 1986. 010613
nocturnal well, it ain't K&B, but it ain't rite aid either, so I guess it's not all bad. and it's cheaper than Eckerd's for the most part. 010613
nocturnal good luck with that and have fun. 010613
Walgreens training video 1. Smile when you want to kill.
2. Think about the money.
3. If you say "fuck you" quick enough it sounds like "thankyou."
4. We expect you to steal, its built into our accounting as "wastage".
5. The pretty girl gets served first.
6. Short changing is an art not a science, only do it when it feels right.
7. Bullshit is your best friend.
megan kept me from killing myself from having strep throat while with friends in clearwater beach florida
the nice nice lady gave me good throat stuff that knocked me out and made me feel better :)
what's it to you?
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