enriquecito Thrashing through forested thickets of tangled words, I went through her entries far quicker than she probably anticipated. Driven by a relentless hunger, a desire too strong to be allayed by these fetid mechanisms of self-control and bourgeois restraint, I attacked and savored forthwith all her delicious words, relishing their intelligence and well -placed impact as does the gliding and euphoric swan regarding the minimal ripples upon a pond's placid surface. Will she be angry, upset, or disappointed by my haste? Perhaps, as show, she might be. But in the last analysis (all that matters to you and me, methinks) I think not; she'll rather look forward to the moment when I sink myself into her generous lexicon, to drink at last from the wellspring of these scattered words in a strength that will, at last, no longer leave me parched and thirsty. Let's hope that St. Francis has a cure for my various aches and pines. 010521
enriquecito and if you don't think that was utterly LACED with innuendo, then you ain't got me pegged yet, old girl. 010521
Special K Minutes counting down in an Internet cafe... 12, 11... Rapid typing, reading, can't sign off yet, too... what's the word? Voracious?

There's another to read, and another, and I can't tear myself away because across great distance isn't every word worth endless attention? Every single damned syllable? I'm not angry. I'm delighted. As usual.

How I miss you. It's unreal.
enriquecito the nights are heavy with emptiness, with words for her an no one else. i am dizzy with the heady feeling of missing her. 010526
Special K ...and I'm kissing you in dreams. Voraciously. 010527
enriquecito vorax, voracis 010605
Effingham Fish Food, sex, drugs... I've never felt this way about anything in my life. Most of the time I'm glad, but sometimes I wonder what it is I'm missing. 011030
god rubies. i'm_tired. 030619
Doar such a beautiful downward word.

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