Q If a girl and a guy play cards all night by the light of a virgin mary nightlight, which of them is favored by the cast light?

And does the adage "Let s/he who is without sin cast the first light" apply in the situation?
MollyGoLightly And what if the guy happens to be a centuries old monster that lives under the bed?

The boogeyman and i don't deserve the lovely light of the virgin mary, cause we're both so rotten and we smoke too many cigars. but she loves us anyway.
fran I have a love for all the tacky Virgin Mary crap you can buy.

I'm not religious, does that make it sensical, or non-sensical?

I'm going to buy myself a Virgin Mary nightlight made out of seashells.

I'll probably regret it.
cool hand luke Get yourself
a sweet Madonna
Dressed in Rhinestones
Sitting on a
Pedestal of
Abalony shell
Doing Ninety
But I'm not scary
Long as I have
The Virgin Mary
Assuring me
That I won't
Go to Hell
florescent light she's in brooklyn
on a tree
what's it to you?
who go